Friday, May 29, 2009

Bionic Heart - Tom

In my adventure games I like to put a good variety of characters. I think putting a childish/immature/always joking character along the main one is a great combination to create some fun moments in a otherwise really dark game like Bionic Heart.
This is just a sequence and isn't even particularly funny but I'm sure you'll understand immediately what sort of person is Tom!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A grim future

In my upcoming game Bionic Heart the future is really grim. Sort of Blade-Runner style: always raining on most of the earth surface, nobody can eat meat anymore (as consequence of the climate and the toxic substances found on meat) and in general people live of illusions.
It's just a story - but what is scary, is that it really could happen soon, if people don't change their way of thinking and to interact with the environment.
Yes in case you've guessed, I'm vegetarian, and environmentalist too :)

I've just posted a new video of the game on youtube:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Computer Games forever!

First blog entry!
Just a brief introduction. I am a strong believer in freedom and possibility to express yourself without any constraints (within reason of course).
Because of this, and being a game developer, I'm fond of computer games. I don't think consoles (iPhone, XNA, etc) are a solution to creativity. They might be a good commercial channel, but I'm not really interested into that.
I'm interested in being able to make any game I want, for Pc, Mac and Linux.

What kind of games, you might be wondering? Well if you don't know my games I recommend you to check my websites: