Friday, June 26, 2009

why I hate micropricing

It seems a new trend in gaming industry. I literally HATE it. Both as player, and developer. Why? Because it's quite close to the line between "behaving honestly" and "CHEATING".
What I mean? Simple. When you buy a game, nowadays you pay a fixed amount, and pay for the FULL experience. Not a quarter. Not a level. And so on.
With this micropricing is going to be nuts. You want a new weapon? pay 40 game credits, that's just $0.4 ! yes, then to defeat next monster, pay $0.8 because you need the sword of doom.
And so on, and so on.
WTF ???
When I go to a movie theatre and I pay, I pay the price to see the movie! The full movie. When I download a song from itunes, I don't pay to see only the first 30 seconds!
The concept is wrong by itself, and this because, in the end, you spend MUCH MORE than what you would have paid for game at regular price. Isn't this cheating??
Looks like it to me.