Friday, February 1, 2013

Announcing "Roger Steel and the Human Element"

The steampunk RPG

"It's 1936 and the sun is still shining brightly on a steam-powered British Empire.

Ann Trevelyan, a naïve but headstrong 21-year-old English girl, is exiled to Kashmir from the sultry streets of Calcutta in the aftermath of a forbidden love affair. Accompanied by her technology-obsessed brother, Arthur, who has been coerced into chaperoning her, and their lifelong Welsh friends, Christina and Neville Mortimer, the four expect nothing but boredom away from the glamour of the big city.

But a chance meeting with a charismatic local results in one of the siblings being kidnapped and spirited away to a fate worse than death. Now it's up to Ann or Arthur and the Mortimers to unite a fractious group of strangers with deadly secrets – including the legendary agent of Empire, Roger Steel – in a race against time across the roof of the world."

That's the introduction to the new Steampunk RPG in the works! :) I told you was about to announce a new RPG and its development has officially started. Now before you ask me about any estimate release date, all I'll tell you is "maybe this year". I don't want to promise anything at this stage ;)

The writer and I decided to reveal the game step by step through several blog/forums post. If you're interested in a more detailed background, involving an alternate reality of the history, check the official forum thread:

Unfortunately I don't have any artwork to show yet, since the development has just started, however we could have something towards the end of this month, so stay tuned!

Roommates game and Bionic Heart 2

At the same time, the development of other games goes forward in a surprisingly steady way! (surprisingly because you know well how many things can happen that delay the process).

For Roommates, we decided to make some kind of report for each character, introducing his/her personality during the interview. People seemed to love them, so I'm posting them again in the blog even if I already showed them on Twitter/Facebook:

Both Anne and Max will have big character development during the game. Max will learn to be less lazy and Anne to be less shy.

For Bionic Heart 2, I'm at about 30% of the whole game script, which is a good thing since is only the beginning of February. Crossing fingers, the game might be finished before the end of the month, even if has so many branching that will require a very accurate testing!

Below you can see a really funny video of Tom trying to evade Sarah Masters questions during one of the game "Social Boss Fight".

That's everything for now, have a nice weekend everybody!

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